Industry Story: Financial Services

The need: making compliant outbound contact at scale

As a large North American insurance company, this business was considering deploying Twilio Flex in order to deliver a better customer experience.

They wanted to allow customers to get in contact over email, SMS, and live chat, and for their team to be able to manage these interactions in a single streamlined environment.

However, this insurance company currently makes a significant volume of outbound contact to do upselling, as well as to reactivate customers that have cancelled their coverage.

The business currently uses predictive dialing for most of their campaigns, because it’s important that agents are able to get through records quickly.

The organization needed the ability to make compliant outbound contact at scale, in a way that integrated seamlessly with Twilio Flex. The business was especially concerned about TCPA compliance, as well as their responsibilities to ensure the correct disclosures were provided to customers who had been called up.

The decision makers had considered custom-developing an outbound dialer and data management solution to use with Twilio Flex, but had estimated that this would cost nearly seven figures, and would mean going live in 24 months, rather than in 6 months time.

Having a solution to make efficient, compliant outbound contact was a dealbreaker if the business was to go ahead with Twilio Flex.

Flex outbound logo.
Agent interacting with sales funnel.

The solution: 4flex outbound dialing and data management functionality

Using 4flex combined with Flex, the business was able to go live with a Flex and 4flex pilot in just eight weeks, and began live dialing with their entire team one month after that.

Using 4flex, the team has the predictive dialing functionality they need to deliver quality contact at scale.

They use 4flex CallGuides to build agent workflows for outbound campaigns without having to do additional custom development, which helped them to go live faster. CallGuides also help to ensure that agents provide the correct disclosures on outbound calls, depending on the nature of the call being made.

Additionally, the organization uses 4flex data orchestration functionality to feed data into the dialer, ensuring compliance, and ensuring that the right person is contacted at the right moment.

Using this data orchestration functionality, the business has the ability to ensure complete TCPA compliance. People are called at the right time of day, and aren’t called too often. Plus, the organization is easily able to maintain an departmental do-not-call lists for any customers that request not to be called.

Make efficient, compliant outbound contact – with Twilio Flex