Case Study: Helping Loan Science Achieve a Quick Predictive Dialing Deployment

“The 4flex team are really great to work with. Despite the complexity of the task at hand, they were very helpful in getting us up and running quickly.”

Lee Latimer from Loan Science.

– Lee Latimer, Loan Science CTO

The need

Loan Science is a leading student loan management company, helping schools and creditors improve their lending program performance using advanced data analytics.

Based in Austin, TX, Loan Science uses a customized contact center solution, built using Twilio APIs, to manage interactions with borrowers on multiple channels.

The Loan Science team was looking to bring their outbound dialing activities into the Twilio environment, to create a single, streamlined agent workflow, and improve their stakeholder experience.

Loan Science chose 4flex to help them make efficient, compliant outbound contact, using Twilio technology.

Agent interacting with sales funnel.
Quote from Lee Latimer at Loan Science.

The deployment process

Loan Science was able to get up and running with 4flex and begin making outbound calls very quickly.

To make the deployment process as fast as possible, Loan Science took advantage of 4flex professional services.

4flex completed some key development work in collaboration with Loan Science, including building custom call transferring and conferencing capabilities.

Despite the complexity of the workflows involved, Loan Science was able to very quickly reach an outbound dialing solution that met their business needs, and was integrated with their custom user interface, allowing the team to accelerate their deployment process.

Post-deployment support

After beginning to make predictive calls, 4flex continued to help Loan Science ensure that they were achieving fantastic results with their outbound dialing campaigns.

The 4flex customer service, consulting and development teams were on hand to help out with any questions that the team asked, ranging from basic support tickets, to more advanced questions regarding the 4flex API.

Quote from Lee Latimer at Loan Science.

Make efficient, compliant outbound contact – with Twilio Flex