Development & Professional Services


If you have an idea of what your ideal solution might look like, we can build a basic proof of concept to help validate your idea.

With a Quicktest, you’ll be able to confirm that your concept will work as you envision it with Flex and 4flex technologies. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and success criteria, before building a proof of concept with guidance from your team.

Once the proof of concept is complete, you’ll be able to visualize the solution, to confirm that it meets your user experience requirements, and allowing for feedback to be gathered from key stakeholders.

Example use cases

Visualize your custom outbound calling UI in a Flex environment.

Visualise your 4flex CallGuide - including custom iFrames, interface components, and CRM data.

Visualize outbound dialing from within your CRM, including 4flex disposition and call note logging functionality.

Cost: $2000 USD


For those with a concept ready to build, we can create your product to help you deploy faster.

We’ll work closely with your stakeholders to understand your requirements, create feature lists, and define your success criteria, in line with your timeframes.

Then, we will begin development, with as much (or as little) involvement from your stakeholders as you desire. Our team will document and report on the entire development process as the build proceeds.

Finally, you’ll have a working product, ready to demo to stakeholders.

Example stories

Your team is new to Flex, and you don't want to have to learn the system from scratch. You want a hands-off build, but want guidance, workshops, and documentation to allow your team to take control after going live.

You have custom user interfaces ready-built, and want help to integrate them into a Flex environment. You might also want to begin using 4flex dialer technology and/or Twilio APIs with your custom UI.

You have a tight deadline, or just want to go live as soon a physically possible. You need experts that know Twilio technology inside-out to help you go live on time.

Cost: contact us to discuss your requirements.

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