About Us

Dave and Harrison from the contactSPACE team.

4flex is designed by the team at contactSPACE.

With decades of global contact centre technology and operational experience, the group, led by founder & CEO David O’Leary, are more than capable of delivering the best-possible contact centre solution for your organisation

Importantly, our team has a wealth of experience working alongside Twilio – both in developing intuitive software solutions on the Flex platform and in deploying and managing products built on Twilio infrastructure. For example, contactSPACE currently services clients using Twilio services in the Asia Pacific, North America, and Oceania. We know how to work with Twilio to develop robust, effective solutions designed to deliver better business outcomes.

The importance of organisational objectives is at the forefront of our mission as a SaaS provider. We know that the perfect solution isn’t just software – it’s also the ongoing support and process improvements which help you achieve better business outcomes. User-centric design is a large part of the reason why our products have worked so well for such a wide array of organisations, including the University of New South Wales, Amnesty International, ASTIA, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Our team knows that making the lives of both users and supervisors easier is of utmost importance in the quest to drive efficiency. The 4flex system is designed to be as intuitive and easy-to-deploy as possible, allowing you to get on with what’s important – having awesome conversations.

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Suite 904
Level 9, 1 Chandos Street
St Leonards NSW 2065